Scientific data and formats


  • East, M., Müller, R.D., Williams, S., Zahirovic, S., Heine, C. 2020. Subduction history reveals Cretaceous slab superflux as a possible cause for the mid-Cretaceous plume pulse and superswell events. Gondwana Research 79: 125–139. doi: 10.1016/ - Zeonodo record for Slab volume flux data

Tips and Tricks for data crunching

Translating gridded data from seismic interpretation to GMT-compatible format

From Petrel one can usually export ZMAP+ formatted grids in a given projection. It pays off to use a projection which is GDAL/PROJ compatible so that one can simply use the EPSG codes to reproject grids. I found it easier to use the GDAL-stack instead of going forth and back using GMT and/or GIS. Here's the basic steps I usually go through:

  1. gdal_translate -of netCDF -a_srs EPSG:12345 INPUT_grd_UTM_zmap+.dat (chose from GDAL's exhaustive raster drivers list)
  2. Check whether the output is correct using gdalinfo
  3. Re-project grid using gdalwarp -t_srs EPSG:4326
  4. Run GMT-script on