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  • How to add a class atttribute in pygplates based on existing gml

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I’d like to propose to enable hyperlink functionality for features in the GPlates GUI so that certain attributes in GPML or Shapefiles can be used as links either on the filesystem or as http/https.

We already have that functionality built into the new GROT file format and the associated metadata dialogue when viewing GROT rotation files in the “Features → View total reconstruction sequence” windows. Here, URLs either encoded as comment via @C comment tags (example @C get automatically rendered as clickable hyperlink.

It would be fantastic to have that same functionality in GPML feature files (new GPML attribute necesary?) or simply through an additional mapping similar to the shp file import wizard where attribute fields can be matched to certain GPML types.

The functionality would be akin to ArcMap’s hyperlinks or functionality in QGIS

Batch load raster files

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The current version of GPlates only allows raster files to be imported one-by-one. When trying to load multiple rasters, depending on size, the loading/feature collection generation can takes considerable time. Hence I'd suggest to be able to “batch load” raster data.

While this is possible for the time-dependent rasters, it would be super useful to have similar functionality for a bunch of “normal” raster data as well. I realise that this might not be trivial for non-georeferenced rasters, but in the case of readily georeferenced rasters, it should much more straightforward.

Such functionality would be a fantastic time saver if one has a number of gridded data sets which one would like to throw into GPlates.

I guess this would be similar to a “drag 'n drop” functionality for raster data in some way - for the georeferenced data GPlates should then be possible to read the data straight away, while flagging those files w/o georeferencing info and presenting the wizard.