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Short course in Basin Analysis at LMU

Someone has landed in front of the Neue Pinakothek

The “southern” version of the Exploration Tectonics/Basin Analysis course successfully took place at the Ludwigs-Maximilans Uni in Munich over the past three days, generously hosted by HP Bunge in the Geophysics department.

A group of 15 Geophysics M.Sc. students got force fed and their brains twisted with the basics of exploration and tectonic processes that have critical impact on the formation and evolution of petroleum systems over those 3 days, with sprinkled-in pracs on GIS, Python, GPlates and seismic interpretation/basic play analysis. A fantastic group of students, and a classic Bavarian Buffet for the course farewell with a great discussion on Friday afternoon!

The Bavarian Buffet - a classic

Good luck to all participants for the upcoming exam and thanks for the LMU Geophysics crew for hosting me - hopefully until next time!