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PLATES data type codes

Below a copy of the PLATES software legacy datatype dictionary. The old PLATES feature data headers carried a 2-character string to describe the data type of the feature.

#--- Data type codes for GPLates
#--- modified by Christian, 26-Sep-03
AR 	Aseismic Ridge 		
BA	Bathymetric Contour (meters)		
BO	Basement Offset 		
BS	Basin 			
CF	Continental Fragment 		
CM	Continental Margin		
CO 	Continent-Oceanic Boundary	
CR 	Craton 			
CS 	Coastline 		 	
DF 	Deformation Front 		
DY 	Dyke 			 	
EC	Extended Continental Crust	
EP 	Euler Pole 		 	
FZ 	Fracture Zone 		
GE 	Geoid Anomaly Lineation	
GR 	Gridmark 		 	
GV 	Gravity Contour/Gradient	
HF 	Heat Flow Contour	 	
HS 	Hot Spot 			
IA 	Island Arc		 	
IC 	Isochron (Cenozoic)		
IM	Isochron (Mesozoic)		
IP 	Isopach 			
IR	Island Arc (remanent)		
IS 	Ice Shelf		 	
MA 	Magnetic Anomaly (general)	
MC 	Meteor Crater 		
NF 	Normal Fault 			
OC 	Outcrop 			
OP	Ophiolite Belt 		
OR 	Orogenic Belt 		
OT 	Oceanic Trough 		
PB 	Plate Boundary		
PC 	Anomaly Picks (Cenozoic)
PL 	Plateau
PM 	Anomaly Picks (Mesozoic)
PO	Political Boundary
PR	Province, State Boundaries 
QZ	Quiet Zone
RF	Reverse Fault
RS 	Ridge Segments
RJ 	Ridge Jump
RM	Restored Margin
RI 	Rise
RT 	Reef Trend
SC	Small Circle
SE 	Shelf Edge
SM	Seamount
SR 	Spreading Regime Change
SS 	Strike Slip
SU 	Suture
TB 	Terrane Boundary
TC 	Transitional Crust
TF 	Transform Fault
TH 	Thrust Fault
TJ 	Triple Junction
TL	Tectonic Lineament
TO 	Topographic Contour (Meters)
TR 	Trench
UN 	Unknown
VO 	Volcano
VP	Volcanic Plateau / LIPS
XR 	Extinct Ridge
XT 	Extinct Trench
XX 	Grid Check
ZA	Random Colours		
ZB	Random Colours
ZC	Random Colours		
ZD	Random Colours
ZE 	Zero Edge