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 +====== Having fun with M$ software ======
 +here's my personal, completely subjective list of reasons why I think some of Microsoft'​s products are inefficient and painful to use.  ​
 +  * MS Outlook - Decreasing the quote level is not possible - see: [[https://​​questions/​224138/​breaking-the-outlook-2010-e-mail-blue-quote-line-for-inline-responses#​257518|this SuperUser thread]]. An email application that requires more than 15 seconds of search in an email application to simply decrease the quote levels?? I guess no surprises if MS Word is used as email editor... Hilariously,​ someone had to wrote an add-in to fix that functionality. A quote from the [[https://​​questions/​224138/​breaking-the-outlook-2010-e-mail-blue-quote-line-for-inline-responses#​257518|this SuperUser thread]]: //As far as I'm aware, though, there is no way to deal with this problem unless you install an addin to do it, because this is essentially caused by a bug in Microsoft Word's conversion of documents to HTML (which needs to happen before you send an Outlook HTML e-mail).//​m(
 +{{tag> Software OS MicroSoft Outlook}}
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