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Some notes on the structural geology application Move by Midland Valley/Petroleum Experts.

(formerly 2D and 3D Move)

This is for the 2016/2018 version.


  • When export data to ASCII files, Fault exports seem to not get overwritten but rather extra files are added by suffixing them with an integert (ie Fault_123.dat). When batch plotting them with a script this can cause confusion.

Tips and Tricks

  • When exporting ASCII data for plotting in GMT, make sure to resample the lines. It seems that sometimes Move likes to introduce extra vertices (or they are leftover from joining lines).

Quickly generate a vertical section

  1. Try to most accurately georeference the profile location using the screenshot/map etc to produce a section trace that can be exported as ESRI *shp file.
  2. Set up a new project with the adequate projection
  3. Import the *.shp file containing the section(s).
  4. In the Model Building tab, selection From objects in the 'Create section' part.
  5. This should set up a cross section, check the length and orientation.
  6. Leaving the Section tool, right-click on the Trace lines in the Object viewer and select Insert vertical image
  7. Step through the importing wizard and make changes as necessary (e.g. clipping the image etc). Once finished, the image will be inserted into your section.
  8. Use the Basic transform (or advanced if necessary) to make the image fit in length/depth as accurately as possible.