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2D and 3D Move

This is for the 2016 version.

Quickly generate a vertical section

  • Try to most accurately georeference the profile location using the screenshot/map etc to produce a section trace that can be exported as ESRI *shp file.
  • Set up a new project with the adequate projection
  • Import the *.shp file containing the section(s).
  • In the Model Building tab, selection From objects in the 'Create section' part.
  • This should set up a cross section, check the length and orientation.
  • Leaving the Section tool, right-click on the Trace lines in the Object viewer and select Insert vertical image
  • Step through the importing wizard and make changes as necessary (e.g. clipping the image etc). Once finished, the image will be inserted into your section.
  • Use the Basic transform (or advanced if necessary) to make the image fit in length/depth as accurately as possible.
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