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-{{tag> Unix awk command_line Quick_and_dirty}}+===== Interrogating EBDIC Headers of SEGY files ===== 
 +When trying to plot SEG-Y files with [[http://​|GMT]] one needs to have knowledge about the data. Using Unix's ''​dd''​ command, one can interrogate the EBDIC header: 
 +<code bash> 
 + dd if=$1 conv=ascii ibs=3200 count=1 | awk '​BEGIN{RS="​C[0-9 ][0-9]"​}{printf "​C%2d%s\n",​NR,​$0}'​ 
 +Source: [[https://​​2006/​11/​oilgas-how-to-read-ebcdic-segy-header.html|]] 
 +{{tag> Unix awk command_line Quick_and_dirty ​SEGY}}
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