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 Source: [[https://​​2006/​11/​oilgas-how-to-read-ebcdic-segy-header.html|]] Source: [[https://​​2006/​11/​oilgas-how-to-read-ebcdic-segy-header.html|]]
 +===== Image manipulation =====
 +Sometimes it is necessary to quickly manipulate an image sequence for movie generation etc. ImageMagick/​GraphicsMagick provide a command line based way to crop/​scale/​resize images.
-{{tag> Unix awk command_line Quick_and_dirty SEGY}}+<code bash> 
 +for i in *.jpg; do echo $i; magick $i -crop NewXwidthxNewYwidth+xoffset+yoffset ${i/​*.jpg/​*_mod.jpg/​};​ done 
 +{{tag> Unix awk command_line Quick_and_dirty SEGY magick imageprocessing}}
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