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Windows tips and tricks

  • For a list of system variables, such as $HOME etc. see these links here:
  • Win10: Disable folders being automatically shown in the “Quick Access” section of the Win Explorer window: Open an explorer Window → File → Change folder and search options → Uncheck the “Show frequently used folders in Quick Access”. Source:
  • Win10: How to get a Window that is off screen to display on the main monitor again: alt-tab to application, then press Alt+Space+N to either move or maximise the lost window. Another alternative is to use Alt+Space+M and then either use the mouse or the arrow keys to move the window to the main screen via

Setting your $PATH

Stackoverflow to the rescue here:

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\xampp\php

This adds the part after the semicolon to the $PATH environment variable in a current terminal/console window. To set the path permanently:

setx path "%path%;C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\"

But this can apparently truncate your $PATH variable to 1024 characters:

SETX truncates the resulting PATH to its first 1024 characters, with the message “WARNING: The data being saved is truncated to 1024 characters.” Execute ECHO %PATH% and save its output somewhere safe beforehand.

To overcome the 1024-char limit see this post on

Print the content of the %PATH% variable using Powershell - type $env:PATH

Command line use