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upercontinent led to broad Andean-type convergent margin and associated compressional deformation that is referred to as the Gonwanidian orogenic c... orearc to intra-arc setting. Their abrupt eastern margin is close to the coeval magmatic province of Patag... ur in the working area. Subduction at the western margin of Gondwana with a shallow easterly dipping slab ... s the model of a broad magmatic arc and backarc deformation in the Ventania area [//Forsythe, 1982; Ramos, 19
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12 Hits, Last modified:|GPlates Information Model and Markup language]] in [[http://www.geosc... ltough the [[|journal homepage FAQ]] say: <blockquote... tural restoration of the conjugate South Atlantic margins and intracontinental rift basins in Africa and S... erica. By quantitatively accounting for crustal deformation in the Central and West African rift zone, we hav
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antic rift system. So I started to collect some information from various papers to back up and supplement an ... s on this remote offshore region on the Argentine margin (not a prolific basin to drill for hydrocarbons),... ence them. Once this is done, one can add extra information into the files I am using in GPlates for my recon... ting a map in a very odd projection without any information about the projection or its location so that no o
0113_why_there_is_no_saharan_atlantic_ocean @tectonicwaters:2014 #Africa #Continental breakup #Cretaceous #Mesozoic #Numerical model #Plate reconstructions #Publishing #Rifting #South America #South Atlantic
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tes results in either continental breakup and the formation of conjugate passive margins, or rift abandonment and a set of aborted rift b... tlantic and Equatorial Atlantic conjugate passive margins continued into seafloor-spreading mode, forming ... an act as selector between successful ocean basin formation and failed rifts, explaining the success of the h... orial Atlantic rift and ultimately inhibiting the formation of a Saharan Atlantic Ocean. We suggest that thin
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caption> Watch this space for a new paper on the formation of hyperextended margins which should be out in the next week or two. Bel... king northwest from the Sinai towards the African margin. This is how the very young South Atlantic could
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gate paradoxes. Heat flow, subsidence and passive margin formation appear to be subject to both temporal and spatial
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s, including the localisation of rifting, passive margin formation, magmatism and depositional environments - Doc... an water chemistry, age of oceanic crust, gateway formation, contribution to the knowledge of rift diachronis
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atches of Tethyan ocean floor, containing vital information about the plate tectonic evolution of northeaster... en interpreted jointly with compiled geological information from the Northwest Shelf and Southeast Asia to re... go" spreading ridge continued around the northern margin of Greater India. Similarities between fracture a... g center was active along the entire northeastern margin of Gondwanaland. By the time of M14 (135.8Ma) a s
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sin CF Continental Fragment CM Continental Margin CO Continent-Oceanic Boundary CR Craton CS Coastline DF Deformation Front DY Dyke EC Extended Continental C... ult RS Ridge Segments RJ Ridge Jump RM Restored Margin RI Rise RT Reef Trend SC Small Circle SE Shelf
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tiontectonics:day2|Day 2]]: Basin analysis, basin formation, rifted margins, structural and depositional styles. Exercises i... == Resources ===== The following pages contain information that is relevant for the course and to topics tou
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al: * The geodynamics of rifting and passive margin formation * Plate tectonic software, models and workflo