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marulanfieldprac2011 @teaching:geos3104 #Australia #Course #Field prac #GEOS3104 #Geophysical Methods #Gravity #Magnetics #NSW #Seismic refraction #Southern Highlands #Teaching #USYD
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w ---- namespace : . title : GEOS3104 Field Prac - Marulan Farm - 2012 description: Pictures from the first Marulan Farm geophsyical field prac copyright : © 2012 by Christian Heine ---- ====== Gallery: 2012 Marulan Geophysical Field prac ====== In 2012, we ran the first geophysical field practical at Arthursleigh University Farm in Marulan/S
geos3104 @teaching:geos3104 #Australia #Course #GEOS3104 #Geophysics #Teaching #USYD
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on in the Madsen Petrology Lab (F09, Rm 336). The Pracs are Thu afternoon from 1pm-4pm in the computer l... m. 301). In 2011 we will run a geophysical field prac for the first time, using gravity, magnetics and ... ust outside the USYD Camperdown campus. The field prac will happen in semester week 2. ===== Links ====... ldprac2011.html|Pictures of the Geophysical Field prac in Victoria Park]], 2011-08-04 (link broken) *
explorationtectonics @teaching
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e days will be an interactive mix of lectures and practicals using QGIS, GPlates and interactive, Python... e note links and links to documents/data used for practicals during the course. ==== Content ==== <not... te/location. * [[teaching:explorationtectonics:pracs:start|Practicals and associated data]] ===== Resources ===== The following pages contain information
fieldwork @fieldwork
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ieldprac2011|GEOS3104 Geophysical Methods - Field Prac]] at Arthursleigh University Farm (Southern Highl
grot @software:gplates:grot #Data formats #GPGIM #GPlates #GROT #Rotation data
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An example of a commented line using the current practice of replacing the Plate ID of the moving plate