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Basement dykes in Panafrican crust, Sinai Peninsula

Tectonic waters

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Updated PostgreSQL-PostGIS install instructions

I have updated my installation instructions for PostgreSQL/PostGIS on macOS - see the PostgreSQL and PostGIS page for details.

2017/06/21 08:25 · christian

Uncertainty estimates?

Old, but still true…

 XKCD File extensions

Source: XKCD

2017/04/02 20:31 · christian

Exploration Tectonics 2017

The 2017 version of the Exploration Tectonics course will be taught in Bochum from 07-09.August 2017, during the 2nd or 3rd week of the summer semester break. More info and updates on the course page over the next few weeks.

2017/03/01 23:27 · christian

GPlates: Coloring features by absolute age using the Geological Time Scale colours

Colour features by absolute ages in GPlates reconstructions

When making reconstructions in GPlates one often wants to colour features by their geological age. Using the colour scheme of the Geological Time Scale is a way accepted by the community to associate absolute (and stratigraphic) ages with colour. When reconstructing data in GPlates using the default FeatureAge option for styling, however, features “grow older” as the colouring is applied relative to age of the feature, depending on reconstruction age. As most geoscientists are cognitively tuned to more static maps, changing colours with age can be quite confusing. Here's a recipe to maintain constant or “absolute” age colouring in GPlates when reconstructing data.

→

2017/01/09 15:59 · christian

Workflow to generate PaleoGIS projects

Having to work with PaleoGIS at work, I've been iterating on a workflow with the colleagues from the EarthByte group to produce a minimal, yet production-ready workflow to generate PaleoGIS models from scratch (or GPlates-default files - *.rot and *.shp. Find the workflow on the Notes on PaleoGIS section of the wiki

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2016/11/26 00:00 · christian

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