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Basement dykes in Panafrican crust, Sinai Peninsula

Tectonic waters

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Midcontinent rift system

Another nice geo-political XKCD:

2019/01/27 20:25 · christian

Tectonics game


2018/10/20 20:12 · christian

ArcGIS REST API: ColorScheme

Needed to look up ArcGIS's JSON color settings as served by the REST API. So it is listed on their Common Data Types -> Symbol objects and they indeed use RGBA.

To quote from ESRI's website:

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2018/09/24 15:07 · christian

IODP Expedition 388: Equatorial Atlantic Gateway

Our IODP proposal, led by Tom Dunkley-Jones, to drill the Equatorial Atlantic, off the Brazilian Pernambuco Plateau has been successful and is now scheduled to sail in August/September 2020 as IODP Expedition 388 "Equatorial Atlantic Gateway".

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2018/07/17 14:09 · christian

From the dusty archives

While cleaning up some of my hard drives I came across an old PLATES data type code specification as simple text file. Now linked here

2018/05/27 20:01 · christian

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