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workflow_to_generate_paleogis_projects @tectonicwaters
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t production-ready workflow to generate PaleoGIS models from scratch (or GPlates-default files - ''%%*.r... Google Docs page]] * The manual //for the plate modeler// 8-O is located [[ 46-m2m1cx|here]] and describes the steps to get a model set up. ===== Setting up a clean database ===== Building a PaleoGIS model without a PaleoGIS license, access to MS Access a
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Google Docs page]] * The manual //for the plate modeler// 8-O is located [[ 46-m2m1cx|here]] and describes the steps to get a model set up. ===== Setting up a clean database ===== Building a PaleoGIS model without a PaleoGIS license, access to MS Access a... he most robust way to generate a working PaleoGIS model without actually having access to PaleoGIS. It le
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== GPlates and the GPlate Geological Information Model (GPGIM) and the GPlates markup language (GPML) ha... e tectonic data. Whereas the feature-centric data model has been vastly improved, the way the rotation model data is handled has not changed since the early day... n of rotation uncertainty estimates. I propose to model this new standard on the currently implemented GM
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tors. The rotation header sequence denominator is modelled as follows: Template: <code> > @MPRS:pid"PI... -2.660 901 @PP"PHS-PAC" @REF"Wessel.JGR.08" @C"Model WK08-A" @GTS"GeeK07" 002 5.890 59.6500 -... -5.390 901 @PP"PHS-PAC" @REF"Wessel.JGR.08" @C"Model WK08-A" @GTS"GeeK07" 002 8.860 62.8700 -... -8.230 901 @PP"PHS-PAC" @REF"Wessel.JGR.08" @C"Model WK08-A" @GTS"GeeK07" 002 12.290 65.3700 -
0213_new_paper_out_-_crustal_structure_of_the_andean_foreland_in_northern_argentina_results_from_data-integrative_three-dimensional_density_modeling @tectonicwaters:2018
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s from Data-integrative Three-dimensional Density Modeling ====== I am co-author on a paper by Christian... Here's the abstract: > Previous thermomechanical modeling studies indicated that variations in the tempe... supporting this hypothesis from data-integrative models. We aim to derive the density structure of the lithosphere by means of integrated 3-D density modeling, in order to provide a new basis for discussio
0915_south_atlantic_lithosphere_thickness_paper_in_press @tectonicwaters:2022
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Haas]] (Christian-Albrechts-Uni Kiel, Germany) on modeling the present-day lithosphere thickness along th... ectonics]]. Key Points: * A simple thermal LAB model for the South Atlantic passive margins has been developed * The LAB model shows distinct variations along the margins that ... thermal lithosphere-asthenosphere-boundary (LAB) model based on onset and cessation of rifting, crustal
1113_working_with_plate_velocities_in_gplates @tectonicwaters:2013 #Data #GPGIM #GPlates #Plate reconstructions #Plate velocities #The need for speed
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method is generally used when working with global models and when one wants to export boundary conditions for global geodynamic modelling (the CitcomS and Terra mesh generation option... '' features in the GPlates Geological Information Model.{{ :tectonicwaters:2013:gplates13_generatevelocit... ffc90e>ReconstructionTree</color>: Rotation files/models are automagically assigned to the yellow layer.
0113_why_there_is_no_saharan_atlantic_ocean @tectonicwaters:2014 #Africa #Continental breakup #Cretaceous #Mesozoic #Numerical model #Plate reconstructions #Publishing #Rifting #South America #South Atlantic
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his week. We use plate kinematic and 3D numerical modelling to explain why the Equatorial Atlantic ocean ... coupling plate tectonic and advanced 3D numerical models of continental lithosphere deformation. We find ... basins formed and other rifts became aborted. Our modelling also sheds lights on the dynamics of rifting,... kinematic and three-dimensional forward numerical modeling approach, addressing (1) the dynamic competiti
0120_experiences_with_the_egu_open_access_publication_solid_earth @tectonicwaters:2013 #EGU #Open access #Peer review #Publishing #Transparency
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1/111/2012/gi-1-111-2012.html|GPlates Information Model and Markup language]] in [[http://www.geoscientif... eakup remain unclear in currently published plate models. We have compiled and assimilated data from thes... d rifts and constructed a revised plate kinematic model for the pre-breakup evolution of the South Atlant... the conjugate West African-Brazilian margins. Our model suggests a causal link between changes in extensi
sierradetecka @fieldwork:sierradetecka #Argentina #Jurassic #Paleozoic #Patagonia #Sierra de Tecka #fieldwork #laccolith #mapping
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ana with a shallow easterly dipping slab fits the model of a broad magmatic arc and backarc deformation i... mechanisms are still poorly understood. Different models have been proposed to explain especially the pro... on and partial crustal melting in Patagonia. This model is also part of the plate tectonic reconstruction... /Lawver et al. (1999)// (Fig. 7). An alternative model is presented by //Martinez (2000)// who considers
0318_microplate_modelling_paper_published @tectonicwaters:2021 #Lithosphere extension #Publication #Rifting
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====== Microplate modelling paper accepted for publication ====== Derek Neuharth's paper on the "Formati... ental microplates through rift linkage: Numerical modelling and its application to the Flemish Cap and Sa... >200 km for weak and moderately strong crust. * Modelled microplate evolution may explain the formation... ASPECT to conduct 3D lithospheric-scale numerical models from rift inception to continental breakup. We f
0926_new_paper_on_plate_tectonics_and_ecology @tectonicwaters:2019
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and habitat dynamics. The paper "A process‐based model supports an association between dispersal and the... pecies dispersal potential. Using a process‐based model of diversification constrained by a dispersal par... geography of species traits.</blockquote> {{tag> Plate_tectonics Ecology Modelling}} ~~DISCUSSION~~
linkcollection @teaching:explorationtectonics
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ke ETOPO1, global magnetic and sediment thickness models, and marine trackline data (grav/mag). * [[htt...|CRUST1]] - Global crustal model by Gabi Laske et al. at Scripps Institute of Ocea... ed notebooks using `pyGPlates`. ==== Geodynamic modelling ===== * [[|Aspect
plate_tectonics_drive_tropical_reef_biodiversity @tectonicwaters
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21|Heine et al paper]]) have were used as base to model paleo-bathymetry and time-dependent spatial diver... own. Here, we show that a spatial diversification model constrained by absolute plate motions for the pas... tralian Archipelago in the Miocene. A mechanistic model based only on habitat-driven diversification and
examplefiles @software:gplates:grot
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- 200 Ma. 250 Ma is the extent of this rotation model. Pacific absolute reference frame based on Wessel... @REF"Wessel.JGR.08" @DOI"10.1029/2007JB005499" @C"Model WK08-A" @GTS"GeeK07" 002 0.000 0.0000 0.... = {{Global Plate Motions Frames: Toward a unified model}}, Volume = {46}, Year = {2008}, Bdsk-Ur
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