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Gallery: 2012 Marulan Geophysical Field prac

In 2012, we ran the first geophysical field practical at Arthursleigh University Farm in Marulan/Southern Highlands after doing a trial run in Vic Park close to uni in the year before. During the prac the students collected magnetic, gravity, seismic refraction and EM data at various points on the farm.

<olmap id=“olMap” width=“600px” height=“400px” lat=“-34.59501721” lon=“150.0562919” zoom=“14” statusbar=“1” toolbar=“1” controls=“1” poihoverstyle=“1” baselyr=“landscape” summary=“Arthursleigh/Marulan Field Prac location 2011”



34.59501721,150.0562919,60,.8,marker-green.png,Arthursleigh University Farm Geophysical field prac site (2011) </olmap>