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0520_the_grot_-_a_new_rotation_file_format_for_gplates @tectonicwaters:2013 #FileFormat #GPGIM #GPML #GPlates #GROT #Metadata #Rotations
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ical time scales used to convert magnetic anomaly chrons and stratigraphic ranges to absolute ages Here's... ) is specified based on picks of magnetic anomaly chrons (''@CHRONID"..."''). This structured format now a
attributenames @software:gplates:grot
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"''. | |''@CHRONID'' | Alias for Magnetic anomaly chrons as specified in GPGIM. | | | ''GTS'' | Alias
examplefiles @software:gplates:grot
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, Pages = {3211-3214}, Title = {{Digital isochrons of the world's ocean floor}}, Volume = {102},