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 +====== Drawing a line ======
 +A new series of prime examples for software with bad UI - today: Trying to generate an annotated line for strike-slip faults in ArcMap 10.4. It takes a serious number of 5 (repeat F-i-v-e!) windows that need to be opened to change the marker style symbol along a line to generate the symbology for what is going to be a strike slip fault. Oh, and of course one needs to read up quickly on the web on how to do it in the first place if you haven'​t done this in a while. I mean, seriously ESRI? Yes, Windows was exciting back in 1996, but hey, it's 2017... In [[http://​|QGIS]] all the symbology is located in one window and the whole interface is pretty intuitive. What's the reason again that corporate IT can not sponsor efficient, open source software? ​
 +{{ :​tectonicwaters:​2017:​arcmap_tryingtodrawastrikeslipfault.png?​nolink&​600 |The joys of working with ArcMap - it needs 5 open windows to change the arrow style along a strike slip fault symbology...}}
 +{{tag> ArcMap ESRI Inefficient_software}}
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