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sierradetecka @fieldwork:sierradetecka #Argentina #Jurassic #Paleozoic #Patagonia #Sierra de Tecka #fieldwork #laccolith #mapping
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o |Hut, outpost of an Estancia | |Fm. |Formacíon |Formation | |Lag. |Laguna |salty lake | |Loc. | | Locality,... al elements: the Andean Cordillera at the western margin of the continent and the cratonic region of easte... oundary geometry and velocities at the convergent margin at the western part of the continent [//Uliana// ... have been brought together along the southwestern margin of Gondwanaland during the Brasiliano orogenic cy
0717_iodp_expedition_388_equatorial_atlantic_gateway @tectonicwaters:2018
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s, including the localisation of rifting, passive margin formation, magmatism and depositional environments - Doc... an water chemistry, age of oceanic crust, gateway formation, contribution to the knowledge of rift diachronis
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al: * The geodynamics of rifting and passive margin formation * Plate tectonic software, models and workflo