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/install)" </code> Documentation for the brewing process can be found[[|here]]. In... install python2.7 brew install gdal2 brew install proj brew install docbook # for the PostGIS documenta... sions such as ''ossp-uuid'' which (used to not be provided) with other pre-compiled distributions. At t... ps://|Peter Eisentraut]] kindly provides [[
grot @software:gplates:grot #Data formats #GPGIM #GPlates #GROT #Rotation data
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integration of rotation uncertainty estimates. I propose to model this new standard on the currently i... butes which should allow for an easy, streamlined processing in tools such as ''awk'', Python or simple... s GMT OGR, MultiMarkDown, LATEX Python and XML to provide a clean, logical and easy-to-use metadata fra... e format is ''*.grot'' for GPlates rotation file, pronounced //g-rot// (and not grot...). ===== Cita
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====== ArcGIS notes ====== * [ArcGIS Pro] Setting the symbology for multiple layers in ArcGIS Pro: This is not straightforward, apparently people h... yer. * Decimate feature numbers using [[|definition queries]] t
pg12 @software:postgresql #How-To #Installation #MacOS #PostGIS #PostgreSQL #Software #Unix
9 Hits, Last modified:|the PostgreSQL mailing list]]. Once ...]] * [[... p://|OpenSource pages]] Apple provides a template for one of the [[https://opensou... er//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" ""> <plist version="1.0"> <dict>
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rmalise a colormap]] * [[|Max Masnick's Dat science Python... ordinate reference system from ''*.prj'' files to proj4-Syntax as required by QGIS using the gdal pytho... hon> import sys from osgeo import osr prjtxt = """PROJCS["your_crs",GEOGCS["GCS_WGS_1984",DATUM["D_WGS_... reenwich",0.0],UNIT["Degree",0.0174532925199433]],PROJECTION["the_prj"],PARAMETER["Central_Meridian",0.
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==== - Try to most accurately georeference the profile location using the screenshot/map etc to produce a section trace that can be exported as ESRI *shp file. - Set up a new project with the adequate projection - Import the *.shp file containing the section(s). - In the ''Mod
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===== Bash ===== Loop through a list of data, providing special cases depending on input data. <co... | grep -v '\.xml$' '' * Using ''seq -w 00 55'' produces formatted output with leading zeros - ie ''0... Convert a GMT file into a csv file which can be processed by ''ogr2ogr'', meanwhile adding some attri... movie generation etc. ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick provide a command line based way to crop/scale/resize
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syntax ====== The following section outlines the proposed new standard for encoding metadata (essentia... 99'' rotations to comment out lines This is error prone as already pointed out during the early phases ... area is not structured well enough for automatic processing, e.g. extracting bibliographic references
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e header contains important information on how to processes different parts of the file and also carrie... ncludes links to licenses, modification dates and proper citations for the file. See the [[software:gpl... e reference, enlisting contributing authors still provides a reference to the creator. <note important
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pt/geos .. '' make && make install <code> ===== PROJ Library ===== <code> wget </code> ===== GDAL ===== <code> wget
software #GPGIM #GPlates #PaleoGIS #Petrel #Python #Software #applications #formats #windoze
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thon-based set of scripts related to GPlates data processing. These are hosted on this website and can ... at GPlates rotation files to the new GROT format, produce reconstructable graticules. ==== Applicatio... Tools]]: {{tagging::tag>GMT}} ==== Databases & programming ==== * [[software:python|Python and Ju
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Windows is close to impossible. There are ways to programatically do this but almost exclusively this i... rotation file causes a slight hickup in PaleoGIS probably displaying an error. However, I found that t... fine.</note> - Once this is done, PaleoGIS will probably have a little hissy fit, but close the ''Con
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====== GROT Rotation file format: Proposal for version 2 ====== ===== Attribute markup ===== Wrappin... " @REF"Bar.JGR.2020" @C"Some foo bar comment" '' Proposed new style: ''@ATTRIBUTE value'' Example: ''
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e list of reasons why I think some of Microsoft's products are inefficient and painful to use. * M... aware, though, there is no way to deal with this problem unless you install an addin to do it, because
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set the path permanently: setx path "%path%;C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\" But this can apparentl... k-tricks-open-an-explorer-window-from-the-command-prompts-current-directory|Open an explorer window]] f
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