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Basement dykes in Panafrican crust, Sinai Peninsula

Tectonic waters

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Peter Bird's 2002 Plate boundaries for GMT5 and higher

My former TectonicWaters blog hosted at contained an article on how to use Peter Bird's plate boundary file with GMT to produce decorated (subduction zone triangles etc) maps. The linked file was –at the time– hosted with the EarthByters but since I left the URL became dead. I copied the article over to the Data section of the wiki and added the data as downloadable *.gmt file to the page. It ca be found here: Plate boundaries for GMT5’s psxy

2019/08/24 13:17 · christian · 0 Comments

Updating a PostGIS installation to PostgreSQL 11 and PostGIS 2.5.2

I've updated my PostgreSQL/PostGIS installation over the weekend to the newest versions - the full article to this is available here. This new guide makes the older install instructions for v 9.6.x and 2.4.1 obsolete

2019/06/17 06:45 · christian

Midcontinent rift system

Another nice geo-political XKCD:

2019/01/27 20:25 · christian

Tectonics game


2018/10/20 20:12 · christian

ArcGIS REST API: ColorScheme

Needed to look up ArcGIS's JSON color settings as served by the REST API. So it is listed on their Common Data Types -> Symbol objects and they indeed use RGBA.

To quote from ESRI's website:

→

2018/09/24 15:07 · christian

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