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Basement dykes in Panafrican crust, Sinai Peninsula

Tectonic waters

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18 Post(s) for December 2020

Rifts III - Catching the wave!2020/12/30 01:20Christian Heine
Heavy metal - The world's biggest pipeline laying vessel2020/12/29 23:48Christian Heine
The Saharan Atlantic ocean makes ripples (edited)2020/12/29 23:20Christian Heine
Why there is no Saharan Atlantic Ocean2020/12/29 23:13Christian Heine
Working with plate velocities in GPlates2020/12/29 22:32Christian Heine
The world in (geological) colors2020/12/29 22:12Christian Heine
Shapefile of reconstructable graticule lines2020/12/29 21:58Christian Heine
Graticules for plate tectonic reconstructions2020/12/29 21:49Christian Heine
The "GROT" - A new rotation file format for GPlates2020/12/29 21:25Christian Heine
The joys of extracting data from geoscientific papers2020/12/29 19:58Christian Heine
A TextMate bundle for GPlates rotation files2020/12/29 19:36Christian Heine
Experiences with the EGU open access publication Solid Earth2020/12/29 19:28Christian Heine
MacOS Quicklook for GIS data2020/12/29 19:00Christian Heine
Blue screen of death - even in Parallels VM2020/12/29 16:02Christian Heine
The new GPlates Rotation file format2020/12/29 15:04Christian Heine
GIS and p(l)ain text2020/12/29 14:59Christian Heine
OGR2OGR in the 3rd dimension2020/12/29 14:46Christian Heine
South Atlantic Keynote at AAPG2020/12/05 18:55Christian Heine
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